We build beautiful websites
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Why Choose Us?

There are a gazillion web design companies out there, why choose GooSites?

GooSites is the web design arm of Cyber Central, a computer support company that has been operating in Broadstairs, Kent since 1999. We operate from real commercial premises; you can visit us (or call) and speak to our experienced team at any time during business hours.

Our responsive (squishable/adaptable) web designs are considered best practice in the industry as the internet is viewed on so many different types of device. It is essential that your website looks great on a large desktop screen, but that all content is still viewable on smaller screens and accessible both to touch screens and mice.

Many websites are designed for a desktop PC screen but are not user friendly on touch screen based devices like smartphones and tablets. To get around this many companies have built separate mobile websites with minimal information. Responsive websites are the best of both worlds, as they work great on large, medium and small screens and always show all of the content, users of smaller screens do not need to miss out on any information.

Keep it simple and all under one roof, we will design, develop host and update your site - leave all the technical stuff to us.